About Ridgestone Physical

Are you an “Outdoors-y” sort of person? An enthusiast who enjoys hill-walking and rambling? A high-level competitive climber or cyclist? A professional athlete or rugby player?
Is your idea of sport running to put the telly on for your favourite soap? Does synchronised swimming go as far as the bath tub? Or is a cycle something that the washing machine does?

And have you wanted to be at peak performance level to achieve these; or ever had an accident or injury doing ANY of them?

Then we are here to help!

At Ridgestone Physical Therapies we have a high level of professionalism and treat a wide variety of clients with just as wide a variety of requirements!

We’re mostly about the great outdoors and the sports and activities that people enjoy. And we are also just as happy to treat those that prefer the ‘great indoors’ too - after all, a sprained ankle can happen in the living room just as easily as on the race track!

Whether it’s training, competing or recovering; or simply a way to relax; then Ridgestone Physical Therapies provides a number of treatments and techniques to help!

Outside or in, we’ll help you win!

Phone: 07840 788988
email: info@ridgestonephysical.co.uk