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What We Do:

We use all the techniques above as well as various stretch and mobility techniques when working with you in a session.  Your consent will be gained for each of them before any hands on treatment begins!  You can also request one or more of these specifically for a treatment session.


Massage is the core of our practice where we provide both Swedish Massage and Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy.


Swedish Massage is used for relaxation and gentle therapeutic effects for day-to-day aches and pains.


Sports & Remedial Massage is used to work at a deeper level, affecting more tissue, as well as focussing more on injury and rehabilitation.


You can book a single appointment for either of these types of massage therapy, for either 60mins or 90mins.  We always recommend a 90mins session for your first appointment in order to go through the consultation paperwork.

Monthly Maintenance Bundles:

We now provide a monthly maintenance service for those that like to have a regular massage; are recovering/rehab-ing from an injury; or who are training and want to keep in great condition to prevent injury. 

There is a wide variety of choices to cover everyone's needs and you can find these below:


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